Open Season on Abortion Providers in South Dakota (and on Women Everywhere)

Grab your weapons and camo, abortion foes, because it is hunting season in South Dakota. I found out about it through Facebook. My (generally non-political) friend's status read, "Have we gone COMPLETELY insane?" and she linked to a Mother Jones story about a bill under consideration in South Dakota that would re-define the murder of abortion providers as "justifiable homicide." ...more
Abortion is never safe and by the very nature of its evil it can never be legal. more

Who Cares if Abortion Is Legal if It Is Inaccessible?

My anti-choice friends in Kansas (bloody, bloody Kansas...) are proposing all sorts of exciting new restrictions on abortion, according to The Huffington Post, supposedly to discourage any doctor from performing second trimester abortions. Nearby, (as I mentioned last week) Nebraska introduced legislation to ban dispensing RU-486 via telemedicine, a common way to bring health care to rural areas. So one state doesn't want women to have early, non-surgical abortion access and the other doesn't want them to have access to legal abortions later. I see. ...more
I respect the "opinion" of a pro-abort to have abortions just as much as I respect the "opinion" ... more

Testifying Fetuses and the Denial of Free Speech

I've written a lot about abortion and reproductive rights lately, but that's only because in their zeal to fix the economy, certain legislators have focused on curtailing abortion and reproductive rights since keeping women pregnant and in the home will open new jobs for men. I guess. Whatever the case is, the latest series of ludicrous bills seem to touch on the right to free speech. If you are a person who agrees that abortion should be illegal, you can say whatever you want, even if you are not a sentient being who can speak. However, those of us who feel that women should decide for themselves whether or not they will carry a pregnancy to term are increasingly being silenced. ...more
Pro-aborts can and will do anything to "promote" abortion and then talk about "choice", but when ... more

The Senseless Death of Savita Halappanavar

In the early hours of Sunday, October 28th, Savita Halappanavar died a death that was, most likely, totally preventable. She died because the hospital where she was a patient denied her a lifesaving procedure, one that she requested, a procedure that she would have likely been granted nearly anywhere else in the western world. ...more
It is disgusting to use the death of this poor mother and her baby to try to justify the ... more