Every Last Detail

What sets fine dining restaurants apart from other eateries? I believe it’s the attention to detail. From the point of arrival through the last crumb of dessert, a fine dining experience should impress. The building and interior design elements, tables, chairs, place settings, and even flowers will be thoughtfully chosen. The servers will be helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Certainly, the wine list will be carefully curated....more

No Pink Tomatoes

Last Saturday was a typically sultry June day in Austin, Texas, but I was willing to bear the heat and humidity while taking in the late spring abundance at our farmers’ market. This is a busy time of year for our markets because although the strawberries are long gone, the peaches and blackberries have arrived and those most popular of all locally grown gems, tomatoes, are vine-ripened and ready for purchase.  One vendor after the next had piles of juicy, deep red, fragrant, and beautiful tomatoes....more