The Things Kids Say: "Hand Jive"

Oh, the things kids say -- or, really, mispronounce. They're cute and funny and great memories -- when they happen at home. For The Crislers, who have been listening to a lot of "The Hand Jive" song, I'm pretty sure a recent in public mispronunciation will be forever seared in their memory as well along with those in the bakery. And now, of course, you. Enjoy the giggle. ...more
LOLOLOL  I have a 5 year old grandson and a 10 month old granddaughter, and we have so much fun ... more

Our Son Desperately Wants to Go to Church

“Mommy, when are we going to church again?” It’s become a regular refrain from our oldest son. Sometimes he asks me. Sometimes he asks his daddy. On Easter Sunday, when we went to my parents’ church, he had a very serious conversation with my own father about how his mommy and daddy were still looking for a new church. I have a very heavy heart and a bit of parental guilt that we haven’t found one we like yet, but the truth remains: We haven’t found one we like yet. ...more
@springolife I actually love this idea of home church, or smle church! I am older and disabled, ... more

On Faith

A few years ago, when we still lived on the east coast, Matt and I drove to Prince Edward Island for a long weekend. We booked a room in what was maybe the coziest bed and breakfast of all time, and in spite of the raw, grey November weather we were ridiculously excited by the chance to explore and get lost in a city that wasn’t our own....more
Very interesting! My mother left the Catholic church along with all her sisters , six of them, ... more