My Parents Opposed My Marriage. I Should Have Listened.

My parents opposed my marriage from the moment I first mentioned it. They were right to do so. (Of course I didn't realize it at the time.) But as it turned out, they opposed our union it for all the wrong reasons. ...more
I don't think most children listen in this situation, regardless of whether the parents give the ... more

Here's How American Girl Responded to My Open Letter on Diversity

Aren't all the dolls retired, eventually? Isn't that part of the normal AG business model? I ... more

What Was Your Best Tweet in 2014?

I once went to a party where the photographer was streaming images directly to a screen as she took them. So people paused in the middle of dancing to admire themselves dancing. Or paused from eating to watch themselves taking a bite a few minutes earlier. And we got to relive the whole party as we lived the party. That's sort of what Twitter's Year in Review feels like. ...more
It was a good year on Twitter for me, I even was invited to be a contributor to The Big Book of ... more

Mike Brown, #Ferguson, and "You Should Have Seen This Coming"

I paused a DVRed episode of "The Voice" to listen to the press conference regarding the possible indictment of Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. My ten-year-old asked for an explanation, and I fumbled around for words before simply saying a boy was shot and left for dead on the street for four hours, and now they're not even going to charge the man who did it. She asked why. I didn't have an answer. "I don't know," I said. "He was tall. He was strong. He was black." I knew only the last sentence really mattered. I didn't used to think such things matter. I've grown up. I've been educated....more
I'm here, in St. Louis, and we've been in this place for a long time. As unfortunate as these ... more

When Silence Serves No One in #Ferguson

I have been feeling hopeless, broken, disheartened with the racial disparity in America. But giving up does nothing for change. A radio story I heard this afternoon while listening to Ferguson‬ coverage, reports that in Wisconsin, White Americans are more likely than Black Americans to have used drugs, yet Black Americans are arrested for possession three times as much as Whites. ...more
Live, from St. Louis, it's me.  The announcement of the Grand Jury decision isn't the end. We ... more

Parents Don't Have Time to READ!

I've been tired since 1983, which not-so-coincidentally is the year my first daughter was born.  Since she graced my life, there have been four more daughters. The youngest is now 10 and I'm finally pulling out of that always-tired stage.  ...more
SCanon Somer! That was PRIVATE!  OK, well, I guess it wasn't if I figured I could get a laugh by ... more

Who Do You Trust?

It seems only appropriate to talk about trust when discussing Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes. The characters in the book not only have to decide whether or not they can believe what they see on the internet, but also who they can trust with that information. Who will believe them? ...more
Trust doesn't work as an on/off black/white kind of thing for me.  For example, I trust my ... more

Yes, Childfree Is Normal: Why I Moved From "Can't" to "Won't" Today

When I saw the headline, Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal—the number-one post on The Atlantic today—I clicked right away. It's not every day that mainstream media publishes a positive story about being childfree. The first paragraphs put me off with horrible tales of child abandonment and comments by unhappy moms. But I kept reading... and soon came a statement I really loved:...more
I think maybe some people ask "Do you want children?" because they're trying to gauge your ... more

I am on my third cup of coffee and think I might need another in a minute. Give me some zing!

I am on my third cup of coffee and think I might need another in a minute. Give me some zing! ...more
I only drink one cup a day.  Sure, it's a 96 ounce cup but still - only ONE.  (OK, it's only 24 ... more

Rising from the Ashes and Taking Second Chances

Sometimes life is all about taking second chances; having the courage to look into the mirror, square into your own eyes, and bravely and resolutely say that you will not accept defeat. “Carpe diem quam minimum credula,”—seize the day, putting as little trust as possible in the future—like life, a disambiguation. And that’s just what many single moms are doing today, seizing the moment....more
And having the continued love and support of her mother is one of the most important things to ... more