Carole Martin

"You could say that I am passionate about the subject - I eat, drink, and sleep... read more

Carole Martin


"You could say that I am passionate about the subject - I eat, drink, and sleep the subject."

Carole Martin has interviewed thousands of people and has watched them make major mistakes and lose the job to someone else. Although she wanted to help them, she couldn't because she was on the other side of the desk. When she returned to grad school in 1993 to pursue her Master's degree, she made a decision to change what she did because she wanted to help people.

As an interview expert for for the last eight years, Carole has been able to reach out to millions of people with articles and advice. She coaches people from every walk of life and industry, and receives tons of kudos telling her how much she has helped them and what a difference her coaching and her workbook have made to them.

Her clients range from attorneys to administrative assistants and everyone else in between: FBI agents, law enforcement, fire, police and other public agencies, public defenders, project managers, public relations professionals, product managers, sales people, accounting and finance people at all levels, high-tech IT experts, teachers, pre-med students and grads, health care professionals, and even beauty queens.

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