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Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed talking, writing and thinking about... read more

Angela Loeb


Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed talking, writing and thinking about philosophical questions like “Why in the heck are we here doing this thing called ‘life’ anyway?” and “What do you think happens once we croak?” and “Do you really think we can create things with our mind?”

But even though such esoteric stuff fascinates me, it’s not enough to simply ponder what my life means (and help others figure out what theirs mean, too)… I want us to do something with it!

And that’s why I’m compelled to pass along what I’ve been studying, observing and living firsthand for more than thirty years. It’s my mission.

When you get down to it, there are two basic concepts at the core of all the consulting, workshops and virtual programs that I provide, as well as what I write:
- Finding meaning & purpose.
- Getting unstuck & getting what you want in life.

One of my passions, besides writing (so far 2 books & hundreds of articles), is collaborating on programs with other world changers, such as the online mind mastery courses I teach to thousands of people all over the world with my UK colleague, Tom Cassidy.

I also volunteer with a couple of not-for-profit professional organizations, but my coolest volunteer work of all is when I get to help women feel empowered as a certified RAD Systems women’s self-defense instructor.

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