Beginning Yoga Without All The Pixie Dust

I am no yogi. Actually, I think I was once told lady yoga-doers are called “yoginis,” which is adorable.I think most yoga terms sound more like fancy foods than poses -— you say savasana, I hear “antipasta” or “chicken parmigiana” —- and though I’ve taken a handful of classes over the years, I still need to cheat-peek and constantly look at the instructor, because I don’t know if I’m doing the pose correctly.In other words, despite spending a bit of time on the mat in my day, I still consider myself a novice....more
I have to admit I'm a total Texan (in the best sense) which makes me not believe a lot of hokey ... more

I Don't Want To Get Married... Deal With It!

“Who doesn’t want to get married?”...more
It's so great today because women don't HAVE to get married. If you don't meet someone that you ... more

I Don't Want To Get Married... Deal With It!

“Who doesn’t want to get married?”...more
@CreoleContessa I love your 10 point list on marriage. It def puts things in an honest perspective. more

You Know You're Aging When: Catalog Edition

Whenever I go to my parents' house, I love to look through their catalogs. They have the usual Land's End and Harry and David, but they also have a kitschy wonderland of "someone should invent that" products for seniors. (And I know they are for seniors because the catalog copy for a wrap rack says, "Remember when it was just waxed or foil? Now we have so many different wraps, and here's how to store them compactly." Also, their homepage has a drop-down just for dickies.) I am now getting the Miles Kimball catalog at my house because I made the mistake of ordering an outdoor food tent. I've recently discovered -- to my horror -- that the things I laughed about when I was eighteen now seem not so ridiculous, and I know the things I'm laughing at while 39 will probably seem like a darn tootin' good idea in thirty more years. What do you think of these products?...more
I would totally rock the rain bonnet! more

Bring Your Own Tech: How to Protect Your Child's Device at School

Parents across the country are faced with some pretty big decisions related to schools’ “Bring Your Own Device” or “Bring Your Own Technology” programs that encourage students to bring electronics to school to promote technology “fluency” and enrich their education. Setting the “Will bringing a laptop/smartphone/tablet really enhance my child’s learning?” question aside for now, there are important considerations for protecting these expensive devices once they leave your home. ...more
I'd love to know how many kids bring their own technology into the classroom and how it's ... more

The Luxury of Giving: Freecycling and Frugality

I'm sitting at my laptop right now, looking at a box I have packed for someone to pick up later. The box contains a dozen-plus drinking glasses that have spent years moving from one basement to another as our family moved. They're nice, but I have no visceral connection to them. Therefore, they are going to be freecycled....more
I never remember the $20 bucks I got for selling shoes at a resale shop but I always feel really ... more