The Stepmom's Secret

Have you ever wondered what’s in it for stepmoms? Why do they do what they do? It turns out they have a secret....more

How Our Blended Family Began

Blended families have a unique set of elements that bring richness and complexity to the family dynamic. Every family faces challenges and enjoys rewards on an almost-daily basis, yet it would be fair to say that for blended families the highs are higher and the lows are lower. I don’t know yet if this bi-polar experience is true for the long-term, but so far in our 3-year journey, that’s what we’ve experienced....more

Bio-Mom of the Year

Have you ever wished your stepkids’ bio-mom “got it” and “understood”? Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this contributor is the ultimate bio-mom. Trish Eklund is gracious, communicative and open to her two daughters’ stepmother. Can we clone her?...more

No Kids on Christmas this year? 3 Fun Things to do as a Couple

I know I count myself among the lucky ones who have their kids for Christmas this year, so who am I to talk? Even as our children woke up this morning, excited to see their grandparents, eat a special meal and open their presents, I thought of the years we’ve woken up without them, and that this is a reality for many of our readers today....more