Sew your own camera strap!

I purchased a new camera in January of this year. That thing is awesome. I have always enjoyed taking photos for my own personal use. This camera makes it even more fun. But one thing that has bothered me about it is the non-pretty black strap.  I'm also an amateur seamstress. Meaning, I have a sewing machine, but i'm not so great at using it. ...more

Squash Soup

C had a football game at 8:30 this morning. Which means the alarm goes off around 6:30 on a Saturday morning. Which is a total bummer when the rest of the week, the alarm goes off at 5:00 am. You just want a break, you know? So anyway. Terrible game. After the game, I convince C that we should nap. I don't know how it works, I must have magical powers today. As soon as he falls asleep, I'm up. FREE TIME! What to do!? I know, make soup! Because I can't think of anything else that allows me to get things done but is also quite a silent task. ...more

Homeless and Hungry

This week, we were nearly running out of time for our attempt at self-less-ness. We live in a pretty rural area outside of Grand Rapids. So, whenever we have items to pick up or errands to run, we typically will drive into town to get them. Today, we had stopped to pick up some new fish for the tank, some lotion and face wash. Important things. Anyway....more

Soldier Support

Turns out that supporting a soldier is super easy. And who doesn't want to say hey! thanks for being awesome mr./miss/mrs soldier! After doing some relatively quick online research, we decided to use the website ...more

Our Family Resolution: A Year of Kindness

Last year, my New Year's resolution was to "Love out Loud" which was inspired by a Joyce Meyer book of the same name. I thought it was a good resolution, and it is. But definitely difficult to measure and I don't think I've been as successful as I had hoped. My intent was to really let the important people in my life know that they are loved. To be loud and carefree and always ready with words of love and kindness for my family and friends. Like with most resolutions, life often gets in the way of those intentions and so I think I have failed my own test....more


I cannot take credit for this act of kindness, but what a brilliant thought....more
@ddaniels love that!!more

The Pajama Parable

So yesterday was pajama day for Camden. I had told him that we would buy him a fresh new pair for the event. I picked him up from school, and headed to the store in pursuit of the pj's. On the way, he requested two pairs instead of just one. My immediate feelings were along the lines of exasperation. Camden is famous for wanting and begging for things, and I don't think he's quite grasped what it's like to be appreciative for the things he already has. So when he requested pajamas x 2, I started to protest immediately. But then he told me why....more
@Darcie thank you! blessings :)more