Heather Hale

I live with my amazing hubby and 2 boys in beautiful Montana. I've been a little... read more

Heather Hale


I live with my amazing hubby and 2 boys in beautiful Montana. I've been a little eco crazy my entire life (my family calls me the "Tree-Hugging Liberal" like it's my name), but I really became more aware of my impact on the world around me in college. I went to the University of Idaho (go Vandals!) in Moscow, Idaho- one of the greenest towns around. I got my degree in Psychology with an emphasis in development, and I love to combine my passion for the planet with my passion for little short people, mostly my two kiddos.

Thing 1 was born in 2009 after a really beautiful natural birth. He was breastfed for 14 months then self-weaned. He also spent the first 6 months of his life almost entirely in a sling. It was with him I learned to make baby food and natural cleaning products and eventually, right before he potty trained, started cloth diapering.

Thing 2 was born summer of 2012 after a went-so-fast-I-didn't-have-a-choice natural birth. Still very beautiful, though :) He's going strong breastfeeding, lives in a Moby wrap, and has been exclusively cloth diapered since 3 weeks old. 

We aren't the model eco-family yet, but we're slowly making changes to green up our lives, changes that you can make right along with us. We're all about taking care of things we have stewardship over- our planet, our money, our bodies, our kids- and taking personal responsibility. We believe our consumer choices have consequences and that life's too short to not have fun.