Why I Bought Myself a Diamond Ring

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A lovely gift, regardless who bought it and a great reminder of your assertiveness, Corinne. ... more

20 Things I Love About Working from Home

Almost three years ago now (I truly can't believe it's been so long!), Peter and I moved to Windsor, Ontario, and I started working from home (part-time) for my employer in Victoria, BC. Though I'd never really seen myself as the work-from-home-type prior to giving it a try, I quickly discovered that it actually fits me well—and that furthermore, I absolutely love it. ...more
It's a great life, for sure, Laurel.  I've been operating a home-based business for 20 years now ... more

My Girly Parts

Location Delaware United States See map: Google Maps I'm a sometimes snarky, sometimes hormonal gal who's tired of being hush-hush about the never ending changes a woman's body goes through. I'm talking about Love, Marriage, Men, and Hormones! We're talking REAL talk ladies! Btw, not only am I rockin' my sassy panties, but I'm actually rather smart! ;)  ...more
mygrlyparts  Found you! Cool! more

What all bloggers and social media users should know

If you are a blogger, a social media user — frequently, infrequently, or an addict — you need to know something extremely serious.And there isn’t an easy way to say it, so I’ll just tell you straight out.Here it is:What you say in one Facebook post, Twitter update, Instagram text picture, or blog post can change someone’s life — for the best or unfortunately, for the ultimate worse....more
Those are incredible numbers!  Never really thought much about it, but, I will now.  Thanks for ... more

The Awkward Blogger

I began blogging in June 2012. As I started my blog, Mommy, For Real, I simultaneously read several books and numerous articles about blogging, particularly those featuring “mommy bloggers.” Over and over it was made clear that the way to have a successful readership was by putting yourself out there and interacting with other bloggers. Taking a deep breath, I began to do just that. ...more
Hi Steph; It seems there are some similarities, here.  I am fairly "new to the party" also and ... more