Feminista Jones: Let's Talk About Love & Sex

Imagine...Your body lays twisted up on damp sheets. You're panting a bit, trying to catch your breath, and while you want to wipe the sweat from your brow, you can barely lift your arm. You just had another round of amazing sex and you've been temporarily satiated. You tried a new position you and your lover saw in a video and boy did it work out amazingly well. You're smiling serenely and you close your eyes as the flashbacks reverberate through your mind and body....more
I think it's important for women to communicate openly about sexuality (especially with our ... more

Why I'm Not Decorating for Christmas

At my house growing up, the holidays were a series of traditions and rituals and annual celebrations, all wrapped up in an explosion of cooking, planning and decorating. My mother's elaborate holiday decor was a weekslong process, that we started before Thanksgiving and finished a week or two before Christmas, hauling boxes and boxes of garlands and baubles and Christmas statuettes and a full nativity scene and reindeer wearing wreaths and the mistletoe and handmade beaded ornaments from the basement and strewing them about the house (in a very particular order, of course). The drawn-out timeframe suited me perfectly; it made Christmas almost six weeks long....more
Hi Stacy!  I'm not cutting back so much this Christmas, but I'm trying to put my heart into it ... more