The Right Questions to Ask Camp Directors & The Answers You Want to Hear

Finding the right camp for your child might feel overwhelming. I mean all the camps sound awesome. To me, the key is asking the right questions to the director. And I do feel strongly about talking to the director and asking all your questions prior to visiting the camp. That way if there's an answer you don't like, you won't visit that particular campFood for thought: If a camp director is too busy to pick up the phone and call you during the off-season, what will that mean while your child is at camp? ...more

Coed or single-sex camp?

What's right for your child?With more than 12,000 resident camps in the United States, it's not an easy task to decide. One easy way to narrow down is to decide between a coed and single-sex camp. Here are  questions to ask yourself.For boys1. Is your son very involved with sports? Most single-sex camps focus heavily on sports. However, there are also boys camps that are geared to children who love outdoor adventure. Check out

How to keep our kids safe

After the tragedy in Newtown, CT, I have been thinking a lot about how to keep our kids safe. Here are some thoughts:• Tighter gun control. There's been a lot of talk on this subject, but I've been signing every petition to make this happen.• Limit bullets sold. We have the right to bear arms, however, we should not have the right to have unlimited bullets. • Lock school doors. Although I believe the doors were locked in Newtown, locked doors will deter some criminal acts....more

10 Ways to Find the Right Camp

If you're a nervous mom like me, the idea of sending my child to sleepaway was daunting. Here are my top 10 tips to finding the right camp.1. Talk to everyone! And I mean everyone. Talk to the camp director before you go to visit and ask all your questions. No question should be too silly. If you don't like the director, don't visit the camp....more
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