10 Things I Hate About HGTV House Hunters

I love to watch HGTV. One of the shows that is on quite often is House Hunters. I like to watch the show because of the great variety of houses and apartments they show around the country and the world. For some reason, I love to peek into other people’s lives through their homes....more
I'm convinced they are told to say all of these annoying things before filming as it can't be ... more

Lean In, Opt Out, What the F*ck?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but have been putting it off. It hits so close to home ... and I am also of two completely different minds on the issue, and still trying to figure it out. I don’t have the answers ... but I am living with the questions. ... and the repercussions – both good and bad – of the answers I’ve chosen to date....more
Excellent post and I almost thought this was written by me with so many parallels.  I gave up a ... more

The Anatomy of a Pregnancy Sleep Cycle

Every night I share a bed with a giant, a toddler, a pregnant belly and a dog. As of late, I share my sleep cycle with snoring, bathroom breaks, leg cramps, hip numbness, and baby number two holding a rave dance party in my belly. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. I'm curious if this is the universe trying to prepare me for the long, truly sleepless, nights I will be graciously given once baby Alex arrives. Either way, I am tired and there is no end in sight. ...more
If it weren't for the pregnant belly, I would swear you were spying on me!  The husband, the kid ... more

The Stay-At-Home Mom Midlife Crisis

You mean I have to do something else now? I've been in my pajamas all morning. They double as yoga pants. It's how I roll most mornings. One thing I have learned this summer is that mornings are good for nothing . Please do not ask me to do anything that requires anything before 10 AM because it is seriously like mobilizing a revolution to get out of the house before then. ...more
Great post! It definitely doesn't hurt to start looking for opportunities. I became a ... more

Marriage & Relationships During Unemployment

The day my husband unexpectedly lost his job, I remembered the advice of one of my friends, whose husband lost his job last year: "All that you'll remember after is how you treated each other."...more
It seems posts like this one come around just when you need it.  My husband and I have been ... more