Your heart walking outside your body

Being able to have a baby was the first blessing, especially after losing my first husband to cancer. Learning we would be the lucky parents of twins was an addtional blessing.Ed and I wanted two children when we married. Blessed by both at once, we knew that there would be some stresses, some challenges. We were up for all of them, from managing to balance medical school and infants to the joys of discovering my first gray hairs before they turned one....more
My parents divorced when I was young, and eventually moved to different states.  From the ages ... more

He Says: "You Got Dimensions."

Joey tells me that constantly, and he always has. It’s his way of appreciating a woman’s curves. I always roll my eyes and giggle, because he’s a nerd, and also because to me, I could stand to be much less dimensional. Usually I mutter something about being obese or just shrug it off. He persists and tells me that if I want to be smaller, I should do something about it, but that it’s not a big deal. That I am gorgeous. Then I get aggravated that he’s telling me to change my diet and routine, just as I am aggravated that he’s ok with how I am....more

I feel like a lot of women, most of the ones I know, have this automatic deflection when it ... more

Let's have a Seattle-area pre-blogHer meet up!

BlogHer '09 is now less than 90 days away, and we thought it would be great to do a bunch of local meet-ups pre-conference in all the cities where there seem to be a lot of BlogHers. The meet-ups are for attendees and non-attendees. It will help attendees meet each other pre-event, which might make walking into the Ballroom on day one a little less scary. It will also be great for those who couldn't get a ticket to get a bit of a BlogHer experience too...the best part, really...meeting amazing women who blog.

"Well you'll never find another husband."

My 5 year old, Isabella, told me that last week. Why? I'm not exactly sure, but it stung. Not because it's true, but because of the conviction she held when she said it. I'm not sure if it's been me moping around and saying that I didn't want to be with anyone at all, or if her father said anything to that effect (I really don't believe he would), but she seemed pretty convinced. I told her that I thought I was a nice person, and maybe one day someone else would want to marry me. She thought about it for a few minutes and agreed, adding on that I was 'very pretty too'. ...more

I read the whole post, I really did.  But I just am so taken by how gorgeous your daughters ... more

Breast or Bottle? When Things Don't Go as Planned

I always wanted to breastfeed, although I'm not sure why. I wasn't breastfed, nor my was my mother or grandmother, so it wasn't something I'd ever seen or heard about in my own family. I just knew, long before my husband and I decided to conceive our first child, that I wanted to breastfeed. ...more

This is exactly the attitude you have to have about parenting.  You can do all the planning you ... more

Forgoing Traditional Kindergarten for Homeschooling.

When the topic of homeschooling, unschooling and other unconventional methods of learning came up in my local mom's group a while ago, I began to think more about what would be best for our family. Previously, I'd never considered any options: my 'plan' was to enroll them in kindergarten as they came of age, but as I listened to discussion on the topic I found myself seeing the perspectives of those that weren't going to school their children traditionally more clearly, and agreeing with some of their ideology. ...more

I think it is wonderful that you have considered so many different pros and cons, done the ... more