You're a Single Female? You Can't Possibly Be Happy.

I'm not a scientist; I don't have a PhD; I don't conduct research studies for a living. But I read the news. I read blogs. I talk to people, and I observe. Based on what I’ve seen, heard, and observed, I truly don't believe married women are happier than single women just because they happen to be in a relationship. Barring a catastrophic event or a clinical diagnosis, happiness is a choice, regardless of your relationship status. Are some married women blissfully happy? Of course. Are there also blissfully happy single women? No doubt. ...more
I'm 21, attractive, female and I'm happy single, I'd rather have my independent & do what I want ... more

Stranger Texting: When Cell Phones Get Creepy

Since I’m not on Facebook, I’m not down with the cultural trends of the social network, but is that what people do? Post their phone numbers on the Internet? That’s like publishing your home address, or taking a picture of your license plate. All of which are things that should be on your Don’t Ever Do This list. Especially if you’re a woman. Any lunatic could find your number and subsequently text you saying he’s looking at you through your window. And then you’ll be forced to wash the powdered sugar off your face. ...more
I had the same sort of experience with people thinking I was someone called Annie, they would ... more