Raising a Feminist Son in the Princess Culture

When I found out that I was going to have a son I was so surprised. A boy? What? Immediately I had visions of this super aggressive and dominant child. Isn’t that what they are? They are The Man. They are the ones oppressing women. And now I was going to have to parent one. No opportunity to continue the “girl power” culture that I loved so much. But a funny thing happened when I met my son -- I started to realize how destructive girl power can be to boys....more
Thank you for this entry! I'm the mother of a bouncy, active boy who loves the color purple and ... more

Put Your Kid On A Leash

Have you seen those kids in the mall or at the fair on a leash? It’s either on their wrist, or they use the backpack kind, which is supposedly more humane. I looked at those mothers and judged them. What kind of crappy parents need to put their kid on a leash? If your daughter is kicking and screaming in the middle of the grocery store, do the rest of us a favor and leave. Some of us have good kids that don’t act up in public. If your little darling doesn’t know how to behave, leave him home. I don’t want to listen to him whine....more
I tried a leash on my son when he was just learning to walk, because he developed this ... more

All This Mom Wants for Christmas

Dear Santa, I have been an incredibly good girl this year. I haven't accidentally killed or maimed my children, I steam cleaned the carpets at least one time, I do the dishes every damn day, and I put up with tantrums of the most tiring sort with at least a 30-percent patience ratio. I didn't once sell the kids to the circus or package them up to send to New Zealand. We're all still here and breathing, which makes me pretty much the best mom ever. That being the case, there are just a few things I want this Christmas:...more
I'm not as far along in my parenting journey, but I would like to have a temper-tantrum-free ... more