Do You Believe The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test?

@MichelleFerguson  & @dontmesswithmama  I am glad you both see my point. As much as I want to go ... more

Woman to Woman: On Giving Marital Advice

A Christian woman writes about her approach to advising friends on their marriage, when asked:...more
Good advice..there is nothing more comforting and relieving then venting to a friend but when ... more

8 Tips to Help Moms Get Fit in the New Year

Thinking about setting a fitness goal for the new year? I encourage you to take a look at Shannon's post on Liberating Working Moms -- whether you work outside your home or not. She has some great tips, specifically geared toward us busy moms, to get on the right track and stay on it! ...more
Great article, I get in these moods where I am so motivated and do really well for about 6 ... more

Give Yourself the Best Christmas Present Ever, Mom

Our first son arrived in the world just over one month before Christmas Eve. To say that I was still a little overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time when that Christmas rolled around is putting it very lightly. I would later be diagnosed with postpartum depression, but at that time, I thought I was just failing miserably. I didn't send Christmas cards. I didn't get gifts for all of the people who mattered to me. I didn't even have a large pile of presents for our little baby boy. I was so mad at myself that Christmas. I look back at that Christmas and just want to hug myself. ...more
Great post..I agree we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform a certain way for our ... more

Give me your best advice as a New Blogger at BlogHer!

Hello,My name is Jennifer, I am new to BlogHer, but was excited that after one day I was picked to be a featured article in the sports section about my experiences as a football mom. I would love to get more following, and enguage in more discussion on my blog postings. I am just wondering what your best advice is, or any common mistakes new users make. Any and all feedback would be so helpful. Thanks!

Reserve a time of rest to reflect ~

My Experience at one of my churches womens retreats… ...more
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My love for Self Checkout's is destroying me...but it feels so good!

I am not exactly sure your feelings on grocery shopping, but overall I despise it. The only time I can remember enjoying it in the slightest bit was when I was carrying each of my three children and was hungry twenty-four hours a day. Depending on the particular store you choose to shop you have the option to check yourself out or bag your own groceries. If there is one task I have to name as enjoyable about the whole adventure it would be to scan and bag my own groceries. Especially if I am buying a large amount of food to stock our pantry....more
Please tell me I am not the only one :) more

The Tragedy in Newtown and the Second Amendment

Editor's Note: As the nation processes the Newtown school shootings, many of us are in the middle of fierce debates about gun use in the United States. California Senator Dianne Feinstein has pledged to introduce a ban on assault weapons to Congress, and bloggers have shared their views on all sides. ...more  Great post I would love your thoughts on my latest post  on my profile ... more

Sandy Hook: When Are We Going to Protect Our Children and Act on Gun Control?

I’m going to talk about the epidemic of gun violence in this country and my outrage as a parent. So if you're going to protest "it's too soon" or "it's inappropriate now" or that it's "offensive," you can just move on. If you’re going to tell me that semi-automatic rifles and Glocks are not the problem, that guns don’t kill people, people do, save your breath. ...more
@Mona Gable  Mona, let me be very clear I am not saying we dont need reform, I am just saying it ... more