Why Is a Florida County School Board Bringing Back the Paddle?

I remember the paddle in my principal's office when I was in elementary school. I was never introduced to the business end of it, but I am a pleaser by nature and threats were unnecessary to get me to behave. Since my formative years, paddles have disappeared from elementary schools in 31 states -- and had disappeared from the Marion County principals' offices -- until this week, when the school board voted to bring them back after a three-year absence. But why? The more I looked into the story, though, the more confused I got. It seems like there are red flags everywhere behind this decision. ...more
I went to Catholic school and they paddled. I was hit by my mom...but never at school. I DECIDED ... more

Should Spanking be Illegal?

Delaware is the first state to outlaw spanking. Do you think that infringes on parental rights or will it protect children from abuse?  Please click here to read the story  and join the discussion by leaving a comment over at Athens Patch! ...more
Yes! We now have better ways to raise children! more

I Broke: I'll Never Forgive Myself for Hitting My Autistic Son

I'm on the floor of the bathroom with my fingers in my ears. I'm not sure it was even necessary as I wouldn't be able to hear the cries of my child over the cries of my own. I'm crying so hard that my body has started to shake with exhaustion, and I'm sweaty from the exertion. In the other room Casey screams from his car seat that I ripped from the car to buckle him in because I did not know what else to do. He's safe. Safe from himself, and so much worse, safe from me. I hit him. I hit my six-year-old autistic son. ...more
YES, I know how you feel...and my son doesn't have special needs. more