Plastic Bags, Still Everywhere

They don't really ask you, "Paper or plastic?" anymore, do they?  They simply offer plastic.  Maybe if you are somewhere hip like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, you have a paper option but most people at these establishments are bringing their own bags anyway.  ...more
@ldskatelyn ,I also agree with you. I hate plastic bags because it is toxic and ... more

"Praise Song for the Day" Reloaded (Attack of the Inaugural Poem)

With most Americans, I watched the inauguration ceremonies of President Barack Obama last Tuesday. At times I wept. At others, grinned like the Cheshire cat. And, being a poet, I paid attention to Elizabeth Alexander as she recited her poem "Praise Song for the Day," written for the inauguration. I paid attention, but knew I'd have to find the video and text, sit somewhere, and be still before forming an opinion. ...more
I have forgotten most of it, but I did recognize what Alexander was doing. There were certainly ... more