Emotional Cheating. When is it ok to Cross the "Right to Privacy" line?

So, my boyfriend and I amongst all of our troubles decided that we should both have each other’s facebook and email passwords a while back.  He gave me his, I gave him mine.  With the inappropriate “friendship” (emotional affair) he was having with this other woman I felt it was a move towards being more open and honest.  I, after all, had nothing to hide.  He knew my trust had been worn thin by the secrets/betrayal/lies that had been told over the past several months and I thought he was making a good faith effort to show me he was serious about this new found honesty.&...more
I can so relate to this story, except, I am the other woman.  I was involved in an emotional ... more

I am the woman sleeping with your husband

Yes, I am she.I met him because he was specifically out looking. We talked, we laughed, we bonded... and yes, we had sex.He had begun looking in other places because there was nothing for him at home. At first, it was about the sex, however the physical connection that sex brings was only a surface issue to what lay beneath the surface....more
Wow. Thank you for sharing your story.  You and I have a lot in common.  I, too, am the other ... more

The 12 Steps of Getting Over A Break-Up

Imagine that -- working the steps in every area of our lives including a devastating breakup. This is what keeps us sober and clean and sane. And really the whole relationship experience will be for naught unless we learn something from it, yes? Yes. Let's work our way through this. ...more
Such good recommendations.  I think another difficulty can be when it's a relationship no one ... more

When the Marrieds Are Unfaithful

Not long ago, I thought the love of my life had returned to me. We met when I lived in another city, when I was in my twenties. He’d had a whole marriage between when I last spoke to him years ago and our reunion. However, he was not technically single: the divorce would be final soon....more
I can relate on so many levels!  I was involved in an emotional affair for years.  It's only ... more

Does Blogging Change Your Relationship?

Carriage Before Marriage has an uneasy post about observing the divorces of bloggers online and wondering what impact writing about your significant other has on your relationship.  It's a very interesting question for the sharing age; where we air our arguments in real time as well as throw up pictures of sweet moments that would have -- at one time -- remained within the secret knowledge of the couple. ...more
I was worried about that exact thing considering my blog is about a previous relationship that ... more

Why Petraeus Had to Go

[Editor's Note: The intrigue keeps swirling around the reported affair between CIA Director David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, the author of his biography All In (I can hear you snickering, by the way). BlogHer Gloria Feldt writes that powerful men having affairs is nothing new and is in some ways their own personal business. But she says that prudishness is not the reason why Petraeus needed to step down from his position. Read on to find out the three reasons why. --Grace]...more
It has been interesting to have another public figure involved in an affair.  I have been the ... more