2 weeks out of back surgery

I wanted to start out by saying I’m doing pretty good and I’m progressing better than I thought I would. The roughest part of the surgery was the part where the anatesgloist had to put an IV in my jugular vain because I have no other veins that would hold up for the IV”s. I still have hard times with stairs  and riding in cars, so right now I’m only allowed tp drive short distances and walk short amounts each day. I was also sacred of getting back in the habit of using pain meds again but so far with my family standing behind me I have done really well....more

1 reason I blog

 This being my  attempt at blogging I hope I don’t bore you away as I tell you little about my story. I guess you could say my first bought with depression began as a child because I was the “fat” kid and was tormented by so many kids as well as some adults. I began to hate my body, and myself so I tried to stay to myself as much as I could. I would cry myself to sleep and think why cant I be “normal” why cant I feel happy....more

A little about WildWillows

I’m a 3o something yr old female living in the wonderful North Ga. Mtns. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and depression hearing those words struck fear into my very soul because that was a “crazy” persons disorder. I have since learned that being Bipolar is no differant than having an illness such as cancer. I wanted a place I could come and write and say what i was feeling at the moment even if I was having a “crazy” day meaning one of those days I was so hyper I could not stand myself....more

My spine doctors visit Aka 'the wizard"

For sometime now my back has given me an unbearable amount of pain so last week my family doctor ordered an MRI. Well looks like he didn't like what he saw because today I got shipped off to see the wizard....more

Inner Peace

I find myself sitting here just feeling off kilter and restless. It's like I'm on a never-ending journey and I don't know what I'm really looking for. I'm so unsure of everything that I do or say or even think, sometimes I wonder if my racing thoughts will ever stop it gets to the point they kinda start to freak me out a bit....more