Eldridge Cole

 I'm ME, what you see is what you get. I'm a work of art in progress, it... read more

Eldridge Cole



I'm ME, what you see is what you get. I'm a work of art in progress, it remains to be seen just what I will be. Things keep changing, and I try to change with them

Ms Eldridge “Lady E” Cole, is a wife, mother, grandmother, soul-driven entrepreneur, and a dynamic inspirational speaker. She has a passion for empowering, nurturing & teaching people, but especially women. Women who need to know how to walk in their own power, ministry & God-given creative gifts. 

Ms Cole is the Founder, President of an exciting business called Wo-M-E-N acronym for Women’s Ministry Enrichment Network.  A network/data base of women’s organizations, ministries, civic groups, etc. who offer programs and services that work to support, advance and benefit women & families nationwide and beyond.

Ms Cole serves as a coach/consultant she uses speaking engagements as tools, teaching, advising, vision, communications, strategy, and marketing to help women reach further, and climb higher to achieve their dreams, establish their presence in the their sphere of influence and position themselves for success in their lives.

 Her current work, a powerful, passionate speaking platform targeted to mature women-of-a-certain-age entitled: “Living Arrangements” women are looking for their own realities” It's not about the numbers, it’s the mileage. Together in these sessions, we will embark on a life-enhancing (maybe even life-changing) personal exchange, the old for the new.  It’s a journey of transformation. Life is not just surviving, life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. If you want to feel liberated and empowered, you have to learn how to live your own life. Living a beautiful abundant life is about finding your authentic self, your integrity, your unique style & elegance, owning your power & knowing that confidence is Queen. It’s about how you do YOU every day, but better. Know your purpose. Be unforgettable.

 Ms Cole adds: “Stay with me and I guarantee you will re-think age & beauty, and many other myths That’s why we’ve called this speaking series, “Living Arrangements” It’s about finally creating a life you love to live fabulously every day. At any age!”