30 Small Steps to Grow Your Blog

Growing your blog doesn't happen overnight or in the course of 30 days, but it happens in small steps every day. Most will take 10-15 minutes, tops. That sounds doable, right? Join me! This post has some great actions and below you will find links to 30 posts with 30 small steps. Try doing them in 30 days or just try doing them as you can. Want to connect with other bloggers hoping to grow?? Join the Facebook group! Growing your blog is ALL about connections. ...more
Thanks for the tips!  A conference or class sounds like a good investment. I'm just in my third ...more

8 Tips to ROCK Your Blog Conference

Next week I will be traveling to a magical land where people understand phrases like: "I'm really struggling with SEO" or "That's my favorite plugin!" or " Is there a hashtag for that?" It will be a gathering of people who stop to take pictures of food before eating and may post to social media while carrying on conversations.  ...more

The Blurred Lines between Fact and Fiction

I got the text when I was an hour away from a remote part of West Texas, where I would be without an internet connection for five days: DON'T PUBLISH THAT POST. ...more

Lessons on Female Empowerment Learned from the School Lunch Table

If you are like me, you watched the Superbowl this week. If you are like me, maybe you were disgusted one or more times by ads and made uncomfortable by the halftime show. (And maybe you also got really excited when there were fights between the players. Oh! That's just me.) The last few days I spent a lot of time darting around the internet, reading posts about empowerment and our oversexed culture and feminism and Biblical morality and the like. I read some posts I liked, some that made me think, and some that I vehemently disagreed with....more

Let Them Eat Veggies!


Field Notes: On Encountering the Pregnant Woman in the Wild

photo by 2 Birds Photography...more

Silence in Sadness

Yesterday morning I was at the gym when the events in Connecticut were playing out on the television. First, they thought good news because they weren't bringing out injured parties to the triage area. Thank you, Jesus, I thought. Then, later, bad news. Just how bad, they weren't sure, but they sent a warning: Be prepared for the worst.How do you prepare for something like this? And more--how do you respond?...more

Justin Bieber Didn't Ruin the Christmas Musical...This Year.

I could just imagine it:All the other kids singing their parts and doing the hand-motions. Sawyer, doing his own thing, approaches a microphone. No, I'm thinking. No. No. NO. NO. And then:  "As long as you lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove me..."...more

In Which I Wrote an Advent Devotional

This month, I gave up sleep. I sort of gave up showering. I kind of gave up being a nice person. But I finished an ebook! (Actually 1.5, but we'll talk about the other one when it's finished.) I have been wanting to write an advent devotional for years, and this year the fire got lit and I went bananas diving into this project. The result is a devotional that runs December 1-25 and pairs Old and New Testament readings along with a bite-sized reflection and a few questions for discussion. ...more

Father of the Year, or Creepy Man at the Playground

The other day Rob and I took the kids to the playscape at a nearby mall. Within five minutes, Rob was the pied piper to half a dozen kids who were alternately chasing him and being chased in a colossal game of hide and seek. Our boys, of course, loved every minute of it, and I loved watching how other kids were drawn into the mix. My favorite moment: twin girls followed him, saying, "Monster! Monster! Chase us!"...more
I'll admit my first thought would probably be 'Is this guy a creep?', but I would quickly shut ...more