Top 20 New Year's Resolutions for Moms

1. Don't sleep too much (during the day). 2. Don't play with your kids (until they brush their teeth, eat breakfast, and get dressed). 3. Drink too much (water). ...more
I cried, then I pinned it. more

Say Cheese! And Other Parenting Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! It's time to make resolutions. Or goals. Or whatever you want to call them. Last year, I made some parenting resolutions for 2012, and minus the whole photo book thing, I think I did rather well. As such, I thought I'd go ahead and set some parenting goals for 2013....more
I love these resolutions - and I am right there with you regarding using my camera more - its ... more

Defining Your Personal Wellness Path Step 1

 How do you define your own wellness path? The natural reaction is to look to the paths of others. Think of someone you admire. Who was the first person that popped into your head? Michelle Obama,  Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr Mehmet Oz? Many people leave a bold and impressive footprint, other people move along their paths with such precision and determination it is inspiring....more
Great post - I did my numbers a year ago and found myself shockingly anemic. Even my doctor was ... more

I am pretty excited to re-discover this site! It has been years.

I am pretty excited to re-discover this site! It has been years. ...more
The technology sure has changed. I need to figure out how to use it again! Chatter, Popular ... more

Sell at Home Parties: Love Them or Hate Them?

[Editor's Note: You open the mail/email and see the (dreaded) invitation. It's for a "fillintheblank" home party! Come and be with all your friends and get a chance to see the latest line of "fillintheblank" at special party-only savings as you help your host earn something cool. You either love these parties or hate them. If you are someone who is in a party-based business, here's some valuable customer feedback for you in the form of a horror story... - Paula G] ...more
Great topic. I use a product that has eliminated my irritable bowel syndrome, helped me drop 25 ... more