A Message to My Younger Self: Jump

The summer after my sophomore year at a small Catholic college in Los Angeles, I applied for an internship at NBC in New York City. The craziest thing isn’t that I got the gig, it’s that I got the gig and didn’t go. I was broke, and unlike the characters in “Girls,” didn’t have parents I could fall back on to fund an unpaid internship in Manhattan for the summer. ...more
how do you know now, what you might have done in those jobs. You're still reaching for the the ... more

Hey, Dance Teacher! Parents Work!

My cell phone rang yesterday at 3pm. I was in a meeting so I didn’t pick up the voicemail until 3:45. The message was from my daughter’s dance instructor. She was letting me know that my daughter’s 6pm Thursday dance class, was changing to a 5pm Thursday dance class, effective that night. In one hour and 15 minutes. Really? What if, like me, my husband took a 6:15 train home from the city?...more
Did you tell all that to the Dance Teacher???   It's totally unprofessional but it's YOUR ... more