Why I Let My 14-Year-Old Move Out

My 14-year-old daughter, DQ, is moving out. It’s weird; I never thought I’d type these words before she turned 18. But here I am, standing by as she packs up her bags and prepares to leave the nest. My nest. The one I have padded with protection and comfort since the day she was born, through a messy divorce, during financially tight times, and in her tumultuous teen years. She is flying the coop with my assistance when I drive her a full three hours away to live with her father. And this might just be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. ...more
Letting go is a reality and it's never easy for a parent at any age.   You really are a strong ... more

Gang Rape: India or Ohio, Is There Any Difference?

On Friday night, a Bay Area TV station reported on a vigil at a local Hindu temple. Indian Americans – male, female, young and old – were united in lighting candles and praying for change in light of the recent gang rapes in India. It was moving and beautiful, but I couldn't help but wonder why are these vigils only taking place in the Desi community?...more
Wherever there is a sick mind in this world there is going to be a sick event.   Like I ... more

A Gang Rape Ignites Protests Over India's Rape Culture

I was in church this morning with my parents and the pastor began to preach about society’s expectations and disapproval toward unwed mothers. Of course, he was talking about the Virgin Mary, who likely wasn’t a virgin -- but she was an unwed mother, and she was the scrutiny of her society. There are Biblical verses about Joseph considering breaking their betrothal because she was pregnant out of wedlock. Mary had to endure people writing her off as a woman who was suitable for marriage. She could have faced several punishments, including stoning to death. ...more
What happened to the girl is horific to say in the least, but before we demand to change laws in ... more