Five Ways to Help Someone Quit Beating Up On Themselves

The Prompt: If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?Putting myself down.When you grow up in a fractured fairytale, you internalize a lot of negative messages that aren't even necessarily about you - and when you are bullied and abused by your peers, it is worse. Not only does it plant a lot of ugly seeds in your mind, tapes that loop when life goes awry, but it is so unrelenting that it must be real, it must be true, I must have deserved it....more
This is so powerful. Thank you, because my teenage daughter is going through some really serious ... more

Damn You, Barbie!

This morning, as I battled to tame her deliciously curly brown hair for school, Baby G very sadly uttered: “Mama, I wish I had long, straight yellow hair and blue eyes.” That one sentence halted my world. ...more
Beautiful post. I agree, stupid Barbie! lol more

A candid letter to my 27 year old self.

A lot of the blogs I follow and LOVE have been on a kick with writing letters to their younger selves, and I’ve been wanting to do it but couldn’t decide which “me” I should write to.  A lot of people write to their young teenage self telling them to “hang in there” and “shit gets awesome” but shit WAS awesome for me.  I had a great boyfriend.  Pretty much that’s what ...more
This is so cool! Sometimes we need to hear from our inner selves to give us a kick in the butt! more

I Scared Them with My Yelling

I'm honestly not sure why I'm even writing this post. Sometimes for me there's something intimidating and yet freeing all at the same time about putting something into concrete words. But this time maybe I'm needing to say it out loud to hold myself accountable to do something I'm honestly not sure I can do on my own.So here goes…....more
I love this. I grew up in a family of yellers too, and sometimes people, especially my kids, ... more

What Warning Signs? Why Family and Friends Often Miss Signs of Suicidal Depression

In the Time Magazine online article, Mary Richardson Kennedy: The Denial of Depression, writer Dominique Browning discusses the reactions of friends and family to the recent suicide of Mary Richardson Kennedy and some of the common misconceptions about suicidal depression. In particular, she focuses on the sense of surprise some people feel when a loved one commits suicide....more
Thank you for this reminder. I heard or read somewhere that to help someone with depression, you ... more

Let's Talk About Race.

I’m only going to talk about this once. I’m not one to get sucked into debates. Mostly, it’s because I don’t really care about your opinion or trying to change it. I believe what I believe. You are more than welcome to go on believing whatever it is you do and as long as you don’t bother me, I promise to not bother you. This, is how I live my life. It’s a shame that others don’t. I’m so sick of people (mostly Black) who feel like they can come up to me and comment on my family....more

A mask to hide the pain......

WARNING:  Parts of my storey are very confronting and some may find upsetting, if you find yourself upset and depressed I encourage you to ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue on 1300 224636.  ...more
I totally agree with you; here in the U.S. there is still such a stigma on depression. I have ... more

10 Songs to Keep You Motivated & Inspired

Do you wake up in the morning to certain songs to get your day started? Do you have that special playlist of songs that spice up your day and keep you MOTIVATED and INSPIRED? If you were to take a peek into my iPod you’d be able to see my variety of playlists that I have saved. My workout list, my cleaning list, my theme songs-inspirational list, my  bob ya head list, my gospel list, my jazz list, my writing list… I’m quite sure you get the picture. LOL ...more
I love it!! What about "Brave" by Sara Bereilles? more

We Are Not Our Mothers, and Our Daughters Are Not Us

Even though I’m a mother, I was a daughter first. And I have two sisters. Like most women, we have often said to ourselves and each other that we were worried about becoming our mother. (Sorry, Mom.) I think it’s a natural thing that girls tend to be terrified of. ...more
Thank you for this as I also have a daughter who looks like me. She also has my temperament at ... more

An Open Letter to the Sister I Don't Know

November is almost here which means it’s coming up on your birthday. You’ll be fifty this year which I’m sure you can’t believe. Your son, C, has graduated high school and your daughter, G R is full on into her teenage years. I know that you’re still in the state we grew up in. I’m sure you’re still as beautiful as you ever were. But that is the extent of my knowledge about you, my sister – the only one I have and never really knew. Over the weekend I received notification that I had two new followers on my professional Twitter page....more
Heartfelt...I can only hope your sister and you are able to make amends. I too lost touch with ... more