A grateful heart: Remembering their sacrifice

On this Memorial Day, I am feeling intense gratitude for the men and women who have laid down their lives in the service of others. I've been scrolling through posts about parades, memorials, and images of the devastation of war (see here for a very poignant and artful slideshow of veterans' injuries)....more

I've got to hide the big brains somewhere, right?

My classmates and I were in the elevator after seminar one evening, for some reason talking about what body part we would change if we could. It was my turn but before I could answer, someone said "Your forehead, right?"Umm, no, but thanks for telling me you think I have a giant one....more

School's out for summer!

Plus or minus 700 pages of grading in the last week. This teacher is tired and SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!...more

Sacramento at 1,200 feet

Classes at Sac State ended yesterday. I should've spent the day grading papers but knocking around at 1,200 feet sounded so much more fun.Nothing like a nice long flying lesson on a breezy day......more

A very merry birthday to Mom-5!

Happiest of birthdays to Mom-5!Enjoying a damn fabulous birthday dinner at The Waterboy.xoxo,shawna...more

Best final ever: The Org Comm Amazing Race!

During my senior year of college, I took a class on creativity and communication. I vividly remember our final exam involving food and art (specifically, painting tiny totem poles). Since then, I've thought about tasty ways to end semesters with my students. Lately, that's meant potlucks....more

A grateful heart: Feeling neighborly

"[Bzzzz] I turned you into a frog!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a toilet!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a banana!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a baby!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a meatball!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an earring!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a piece of paper!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an apricot!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a noodle!"...more

A friendly note from the FAA

"What did you do?!" I exclaimed as Mr. T flipped through the mail and remarked that a manilla envelope from the FAA was tucked in between the bills and junk.Now, I imagined that correspondence from the Federal Aviation Administration must have spelled some type of infraction on T's part. What, I couldn't tell you, because T is the most competent and careful pilot I know....more

Making a SacStatement

Whenever I teach about organizational culture, I start by asking students to identify important elements of their school culture like physical artifacts, mission statements, values, rituals, rules, etc. For the last two years, my students at Sacramento State have readily identified Sac State's reputation as a "commuter school," meaning that students come to campus just for classes and then leave. This rep apparently translates to a lack of school spirit....more

Hangar time

A couple snaps from a leisurely Saturday at the airport... ...more