Get Out of Renee Zellweger's Face

After a 5-year absence from the red carpet, Renee Zellweger recently made her reentry into Hollywood.  And the crowd went wild. Her face is-well- different. She just doesn't look quite like our vision of herself, or how we remember her at least. But the onslaught of comments that followed her step back into the limelight is really quite unbelievable. Why do we care so much if she's had a little work done?...more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: When the Abuse is Invisible

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I could begin with startling statistics of "a woman is battered by her spouse every x seconds" or cite how many people die yearly at the hands of their partner. I'm sure the numbers would be sobering, scary, and sickening. They're valuable numbers but sometimes they're hard to reconcile. Would they alone move you to help or to recognize the signs in a friend or family member who may be on the receiving end of abuse? Sometimes we assume abuse is visible.  It isn't always. Not all domestic violence leaves a physical mark....more

9/11: Impossible to Forget and We Shouldn't Try

We all think of two things when we hear the term "9-11";  our minds immediately think of emergencies or that fateful day 13 years ago.  Perhaps many think of both.  Most adults and many children remember everything about that day.  It was one of those events of disbelief where one can immediately conjure up exactly where they were, who they were with, and how they felt when they first realized something terrible was happening.  I was at a client's office and had no idea what was in store for that sunny, warm day....more

Robin Williams, Suicide and "This Time"

By now, everyone has learned of the tragic, sudden loss of legendary Robin Williams.  Since I received my first pair of Mork suspenders decades ago, I’ve been a fan.  Robin entertained generations of us through the years with classics like “Dead Poets Society” and child-favorite, “Jumanji.” ...more

Hobby Lobby is Right

With the very recent Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case has come an uproar, an outrage over the result.  But these folks are in an uproar in large part over misinformation.  All the outcry, Facebooks posts, and news stories are screaming loud and long that Hobby Lobby has refused to pay for any and all female contraception.  Untrue....more
Contraception choices belong to a woman and her doctor. Period. No one can impose his/her ...more

A Day in the Life for Someone with Crohn's Disease or Colitis

Crohn's disease is an illness that affects many people of various ages. There's a fairly good likelihood that you know someone who has Crohn's or, at the very least, know someone who knows someone. But what you may not know is what it really means to suffer from it. ...more
Crohnnie @blogher  I missed this comment.  Sorry!  Absolutely Crohn's has a multitude of ...more

Online Dating: Do's, Don'ts, and Maybes

Getting "back out there" is never easy.  Many of us marrieds become so thankful we don't have to be immersed in the dating scene.  It's one thing when you're 20 and the world is wide open to you, but it's a completely different ballgame when you're 40-something, have children, jobs, lives, and any suitable dating candidate has to fit into to all that, not the other way around.  Whatever your previous dating or marital experiences, chances are you're a bit jaded at this point....more

Those Who Are Never to Blame and Do No Wrong...(But Not Really)

Everyone knows at least one person who is never wrong and never to blame.  We all know them and they are the must frustrating brand of person to deal with.  I know of what I speak. No matter what happens in a situation, it's never their fault.  Whoever else is within blaming distance, bears the responsibility for whatever just went awry.  They can be caught redhanded doing the misdeed but they will immediately spin it so they justify what they've just done or said.  Of course, no one agrees that this person isn't to blame because others see reality....more

My Substitute Moms...

Every year as Mother's Day approaches, I feel a sadness creep in.  I miss my Mom.  My first Mother's Day without her was the first Mother's Day I was a mom;  albeit, my bundle of joy was nestled comfortably within my womb, I was a mother nonetheless.  I remember that first year, being a jumble of hormones and emotions, breaking down in sobs during church as the message was all about moms and how lucky we were to have them and should honor them on that day.  The ache in my heart was so intense....more

Why I Have a Like/Dislike Relationship with Social Media

I have a like/dislike relationship with social media, it's true.  I frequent a few different social media sites mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I communicate frequently via email with friends, family, my children's teachers, and various other types of contacts.  But like everything, it has its pros and cons, its good and bad points, its risks and benefits.  ...more