My Charmed Life by Beth Bernstein


Art Deco doggies: puppy brooches from the early 20th century.

I'm glad this day has finally come. ...more

Retro buckle bracelet watch with diamonds and rubies.

This is a nifty bracelet/watch. ...more

Insane carved coral and diamond ring.

This ring is nuts. It looks like a fairy tale character ran afoul of the wrong witch and ended up imprisoned in coral for eternity. I love it. ...more

Diamond, pink sapphire, and pariaba tourmaline necklace, Michele Della Valle.

This necklace is my favorite piece of Michele Della Valle's whimsical work that I've featured on the blog so far. No one who knows me will be shocked by the color scheme that is about to happen....more

1.01 carat asscher cut diamond three stone ring.

I have a crush. A big one. ...more

1.01 carat asscher cut diamond three stone ring.

I have a crush. A big one. ...more

Art Deco diamond, conch pearl, and enamel bracelet, Cartier.

This bracelet really is extra super pretty. It's more than that; it's spectacular, magnificent, incredible. It deserves to be described in only multi-syllabic superlatives.   ...more

Store profile: The Antique Guild in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

The Antique Guild is an Old Town Alexandria institution; its been selling antique and estate jewelry (as well as holloware and flatware) in the same place for 33 years as of March 10th, 2013. The store's owner, Mara, first discovered a love of jewelry and antiques when she was a child. She remembers accompanying her military father to antique shops all over the world with her father and receiving little trinkets and pieces of jewelry from the sellers she met....more