10 Health Blogging Lessons I Learned in 2012

Reflection is something I don’t do often enough, though I should, because I believe it offers an opportunity to learn. In fact, I began thinking that the only time I do reflect is to laugh again at something humorous that happened or to anguish and obsess over an incident that occurred too long ago to do anything more, then feel bad about it. However, this being a new year, I thought I would share some of the health-related things I learned about blogging this year. To arrive at my conclusions, I did reflect back, and enjoyed the reminiscing. Here are my thoughts:...more
I couldn't agree with you more on #1. Since I got on my current supplement regimen, I haven't ... more

Do you believe in the "science" of online dating?

Yesterday's New York Times had an article by Alina Tugend called "Blinded By Science In The Online Dating Game."  In it she talks about different online dating sites like eHarmony and Chemistry and their claims of using science to better match up their dating clients.

Winter (or, Seasonal Affective Disorder, I hate you a lot)

I am not a winter person. Given my choice of the seasons, I’ll pick summer every time. I love the heat, and I even love the humidity. I like it when stepping out my front door feels like walking into an oven. I like the sun, the warmth, and the long evenings that are perfect for picnicking or taking your kid to the park or drinking sangria on patios with friends. I love lying in the grass and reading for hours on end. I love summer....more
According to this, taking vitamin D during the winter months can help prevent this: ... more

What Eating for Two Really Means

Pregnancy is such an exciting and challenging time of your life. Balanced nutrition during pregnancy not only helps your baby grow properly, but can lead to a healthy family later. Studies have shown that your food choices during these nine months can shape your baby’s eating habits in childhood. Making the healthy choices now will provide your growing baby with nutritious habits for a lifetime. Give your baby the best start; eat healthy for TWO! ...more
@bellejarblog bellejarblog You were probably vitamin D deficient. Studies have shown that a ... more

young motherhood

being a mom is very rewarding and also very challenging I am now 18 i had my beautiful savannah 1 month after my eighteenth birthday and two months after I graduated from high school I still very much remember the way my ankles felt with them high heel shoes on for atleast 4 hours, ouch!  but I was looking forward to my new journey as a mother but since I have had her I feel like I am falling into a dark hole what am I to do?