Tips to Make 2014 the Year You Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Guilt. Anger. Disappointment. Sadness. Hopelessness. I felt all these things and more every single time I yelled at my four boys, ages six and under. It's now been 328 days since I have yelled, and I am more than grateful. I share my story with you so that you too can get rid of those awful feelings and make this the year of no more yelling! My story isn’t scientific and it isn’t backed up by an advanced degree in childhood behavior, therapy, life coaching or any topic you might think relevant to this subject. What it is, however, is an honest, from-the-trenches account from a real mom, and it is something that YOU can do. I am not going to tell you it was easy. It wasn’t. It was hard. BUT it was DOABLE....more
What a great post. I am not a big yeller but I do lose it sometimes after I have sad something ... more