Parents Don't Have Time to READ!

I've been tired since 1983, which not-so-coincidentally is the year my first daughter was born.  Since she graced my life, there have been four more daughters. The youngest is now 10 and I'm finally pulling out of that always-tired stage.  ...more
Well you know *I* love this!! more

American Education & The Need to Learn How to Learn

A version of this post was published at Urban Moo Cow as part of the Around the World Parenting Blog Carnival. Several bloggers got together to discuss parenting and our thoughts on Christine Gross-Loh's new book, Parenting Without Borders. This week we wrote about education. Image Credit: jbachman01 via Flickr...more
We have just gone through the multiplication facts memorization trenches, and it is a pain in ... more

Traveling to BlogHer '13 Was a Journey I Needed to Make

I sat down in the cab taking me away from the Chicago Sheraton and the BlogHer '13 Conference, and I wanted to cry. Those tears that are a crazy mixture of sadness, exhaustion, emotional overload, happiness, and even gratitude. The tears that come after an intense, overwhelming, and amazing experience. When you are tired and inspired all at once. ...more
I felt the same way!! Surprised that I was no longer the quiet, nervous gal I was 20 yrs ago. ... more

Four Web Design Trends for 2013

No matter how happy I am with my web and blog design, there is just something about the New Year that makes me want to jump in and re-vamp. Rather than spend my time doing that, I thought I would give you a glimpse of the design trends for 2013, and what you can expect from Elaine Griffin Designs in the coming year. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt you can make the images background images in the css, or make your images a ... more