Bacon is the gift that keeps on giving.

In decades past, we carried Grandma’s gravy and barbeque sauce home on the plane. I still take food home after family visits, but it’s easier now because I drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles with a cooler in my trunk....more

New year. Revised definition of happiness.

Remember when we were very young and thought “happy” was our birthright?  As the years went on, we’d do a lot of things just to get some of that.  Today I think “content” or “peaceful some of the time” will suffice. I don’t think of these as compromises, but rather as more likely-sustainable states of mind....more

Keep 'em coming!


The End Of Youth?


Fruitcakes - the gifts that keep on giving.

I like the ones that look and feel like bricks. I like the ones in a circle with giant chunks of candied fruit protruding. ...more

The annual October dilemma

@kisschronicles  lordy lordy, i'd forgotten about that.more

Kid walks into a greeting card store...

We are looking for a card for her mommy. She used to draw her own cards and they were filled to the edges with hearts and flowers and xxxxoooo, but since she learned to read, she prefers to pick one herself from the selection at Target....more

And now, from the back yard...

Here come the purples. I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic about the blue hydrangeas. I haven’t heard a peep from those divas yet....more

Hello, Hydrangeas

First of the season.  Glad to see you....more
 @Denise  Sometimes a person needs a day brightener.  more

Unintentional collector

We all have something we appreciate so much that we keep way too many of them. Maybe we aren’t collectors-by-intention, but we look around and it’s turned out that way. For my friend, Pam, it was sofas.  She once owned a whole bunch of sofas. She had plenty of room for them, since she lived in a big old flat in Boston’s Back Bay.  From there she moved to an even bigger Maine farmhouse, where sofas kept following her home....more