Top 5 Worst Prom Dresses of 2013

It's early April, and no one has asked me to the prom. Yet....more
@AlexandreaMerrell Yeah, that was my thought exactly.  If a high school kid used either word ... more

Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racism" Song: Sorry About That. Can I Have a Latte?

Have you ever seen or heard something so bad that you thought that it was satire? And then, upon realizing that it’s not satire, you wish it was? On Monday, country singer Brad Paisley released “Accidental Racist,” the first single off his upcoming album, Wheelhouse (out April 9) to mixed -- no, cringe-inducing -- reviews. ...more
Ah, the greatest privilege of all... that of expecting others to cosign your "sincere ignorance ... more

Gay Marriage Bans Don't Help Children, or Society

In light of the Supreme Court reviewing Prop. 8 and DOMA this week, a personal realization has come to light: If you had asked me ten years ago if same-sex marriage mattered to me, my answer would have been, “meh.”In fact, at my extra-legal wedding, (ten years ago in June) that was my answer when someone asked me if my partner and I would be traveling to Canada to marry where it had recently become legal....more
The arguments against same sex marriage are laughable on so many levels.  They boil down almost ... more

Why HRC's Equality Sign Made Me See Red

Last week, in support of gay marriage being argued before the Supreme Court (California's Prop. 8 and DOMA, specifically), a few million folks changed their Facebook profile photo to the red equal sign created by the Human Rights Campaign....more
HRC does good work on some fronts but like all organizations it is imperfect.  They absolutely ... more

My Boyfriend Has A Disability, Our Relationship Doesn't

I met my boyfriend three years ago on Twitter.  We were following each other during that time, then one day tweets turned into GChat conversations, and GChat turned into Skype dates. When I moved back to DC last summer, we took it offline and soon after started dating. He was even cuter in person, funny, smart, intriguing, and he happened to be disabled....more
Yes! Yes! 1000 times, YES!!!  First off, the fact that strangers feel that they have a right to ... more

The Five-Second Rule of Homeschooling: What About Socialization?

Ever since my partner and I decided that the private school our kids have attended for the past three years was beyond our budget for the indefinite future, and that we would homeschool for as long as we need to, I keep hearing the same thing: “What about socialization?”...more
The idea that being home schooled automatically equates to having inadequate socialization is ... more

I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian

If you google the words "unchurched Christian", what you'll find is first, a Barna survey exploring the percentages of individuals who claim to be Christians but don't attend church, and second, quite literally thousands of blogs, articles, "Pastor's Corners", and comments from churched Christians on why *they* think these people no longer attend, why *they* think these people are in the wrong, and the most appalling dis...more
I've been churched and unchurched though most of my life has been spent in a conservative ... more

MTV Star Waxes Three Year Old Daughter's Unibrow; Gloats On Blog

Farrah Abraham, best known as one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom but also known for getting an obscene amount of plastic surgery by age 22, has totally outdone herself this time.Image courtesy of MTV...more
Please tell me that this is a sick joke.  Please... more

Complexities of Coming Out: The Jodie Foster Edition

I remember the first time I said it. It was late on a Saturday night and I had just taken a shower and was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror and I said, "I am a lesbian." I had never been attracted to a woman and had never questioned my sexuality but then I was and I did and that's how I found myself looking into that mirror, alone with my realization. I spent a little time bargaining...maybe it was just this woman...maybe I was just lonely...maybe I was bored. ...more
I have always been amazed by how so many folks feel entitled to the details of celebrity's ... more