3 Blogging Lessons I Learned from My Failed Blogs

I have had 5 blogs -- yes, 5 -- since the 90’s. My current one is the only one that survived. But with those closed blogs, there were lessons I learned that I didn't repeat with the next site, and I am here to share a few of them. Every day I learn something new with my website and blog. ...more
Thank you for this! I am currently in the dilemma of Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org and it is ... more

7 Kinds of Moms: Which Are You?

We all know that moms know best, because they tell us that they do and no one argues with a mom. I have found during this pregnancy that there are different types of moms offering different types of advice. While I know they all mean well, some are more helpful than others. Here are the top moms that I have met. ...more
@Imagine3399 She sounds awful! People are amazingly unaware or actually do not care. more