Worldwide Vote on Monopoly Tokens: End of the Scottie Dog?

In the latest example of The Future devouring The Past, one of Monopoly's decades-old tokens is destined for the rust (pewter?) pile. And while the beloved Scottie dog and race car seem safe, things don't look good for the iron and wheelbarrow. A worldwide vote is underway on - where else?...more
Bring back the Rocking Horse! I didn't get a chance to use that as my token and think it would ... more

Stop Liking “Get Us a Puppy” Facebook Pics. Really.

A heartwarming story came across my Facebook page this week, about some kids whose dad told them if they got 1 million likes on their Facebook photo they could have a new puppy. They got their likes in about 7 hours, and their dad has promised to keep his word and get them a (rescue) puppy. ...more
I completely agree. I see it all the time. When I first saw one, I might've clicked "like" but ... more