Osaka Castle & The Japanese Mint

I spent my 2nd day in Osaka in search of cherry blossoms! This wasn't a hard task because they were everywhere. My first stop was Osaka Castle. It was awesome because, typically, there's a bit of a walk from the subway to the place of interest. However, I stepped out of the subway station and saw this:...more

March Oki Pies!

This month's theme for my foodie club was "Southern Comfort." After last month's Italian theme, I was worried about another heavy meal. I was only worried for about 2 seconds, but either way I was worried. Ha!...more

Ryukyu Mura - Okinawa

Mark and I have been slacking on our "Oki to-do" list, but we got back on track this past weekend! It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to take advantage of it. There's a little village, for lack of a better word, close to our house called Ryukyu Mura. I've referenced Conner Prairie before, but we keep finding places that remind me of it! This, too, has a bit of CP flair....more

Floating Spheres Photography

Last night, I had the pleasure of hanging out with some awesome photographers and play with my camera. We met on Araha Beach, watched the sunset and set up for the light show. Basically, one person swings a light around while camera exposures are set for 20-30 seconds. It was so cool to know that I made this happen with my camera....more

Nakagusuku Castle

Friday was so beautiful here. Actually, it's been so nice for the past week... including the weekend! I was a little shocked by the weekend part because usually it'll be nice all week and then when it's playtime, it'll rain. Murphy's Law at its best.Anyway, I initially planned to stay home and clean on Friday. However, it was just too nice to be stuck in the house so I headed to Nakagusuku Castle. It's one of the best preserved castles in its original state and was registered on the World Heritage List in 2000....more

February Oki Pies

This month the ladies of Oki Pies got together at my house for a delicious Italian meal! I had a great time hosting and I think Mark did, too. In fact, the day after he said, "So, when are you hosting the next dinner?? That food was good!"...more

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a difficult holiday in our house. Mostly because my birthday is two days before and Mark has to work hard at making my birthday separate (and great), but recognizing V-day. This year, he had class so it was super awesome (read: lame!). Luckily, it was a short session so we were still able to enjoy dinner together....more

Recipe Round-up: Pasta Pie & Hamburger Soup

Mark and I have been trying new recipes. My job is to make the food, his job is to eat it and tell me if it's good. Recently, I bought a lot of ground beef to make chili. Well, I didn't end up making the chili so we had three pounds of beef that needed to be used... and quickly! What we came up with was a "pasta pie" and "hamburger soup."...more
I have a BHG recipe for Spaghetti pie and sometimes make it when we have leftovers. But it is ...more

M.A.K.E. - Upcycle Lip Balm

I don't know how many times that I've smashed my lipstick into the lid of the container that it's in. I also don't wear it too often. I'm really not sure why, but I just prefer a gloss or just plain ole Chapstick. Also, I constantly struggle with chapped lips so I'm always looking for something new to try. After a lot of embarrassing times of pulling out a travel container of vaseline because it seems to be the only thing that works, I decided to change it up! ...more

January Oki Pies

I recently joined a "Foodie" club, for lack of a better word. Basically, we get together once a month and eat delicious food! The host of the month picks a theme and all of the menu items. Then, each person attending picks an item from the menu and prepares it for the group. We end up with a variety of prepared dishes of awesomeness....more