It's My Dinner and I'll Take a Photo If I Want To

Clogging your friends’ Instagram feed with food photos may only be rivaled by too many tweets about baby vomit as the most irritating act on social media. (I’m guilty of both.) But are so many people taking photos in restaurants these days that food photography should be banned from them? The New York Times reports today in “Restaurants Turn Camera Shy” that a few high-profile eateries like Momofuku Ko are prohibiting customers taking photos in their restaurants. ...more
I find it highly annoying that restauranteurs have the unmitigated gaul to say taking photos of ... more

Infertility: Why is Everyone Pregnant But Me?

“Do you have any children?” I asked the woman. We were riding the elevator up to our hotel rooms after the dinner sponsored by the convention. Since it was a mom-blogging conference, I thought it likely that she did. “No, we’re trying,” she answered, the far off look in her eyes betraying her cheerfulness. “We have a fur baby.” “Oh,” I said feebly. I didn’t know what to say. But I should have. ...more
Okay, I'm so not your target audience (as a single gay man with no desire to have children I'm ... more