The Worst Green Gifts for Eco-Newbies

I'm guilty: I'm an Elitist Gifter. At least, I have been in the past. I just think whatever thing I've been using, or food I've been eating, or book I've been reading has been so gosh-danged fabulous I just have to pass it along. My very own version of Oprah's Favorite Things, if you will, but with less hysteria and sobbing. Well, maybe some sobbing---green gifts aren't always appreciated. ...more
A very fine line to walk! I know I'm guilty of being Green Oprah with my favourite things. I'm ... more

Creating a Community Garden from Scratch

 Creating a community garden from scratch is not for the faint of heart.  That being said, if you have a strong desire to create community and love gardening this can truly be the work of the heart.  By working together to create something tangible you will form lasting friendships and build a foundation for healthy living in your community. A community garden provides a location for recreation and learning....more
Ooh I'd love to do this to get to know like minded people when we move into our new house. more

Solaria: An Off-Grid Earthship in Taos

Taos is very different from your usual Small Town USA. We have art, among other things. Boy, do we have art! And all manner of artists who create it. Sometimes it seems like everyone who lives here, no matter what they do for money, is an artist on some level. This is a good thing, rather than a competitive thing, because it makes for a pool of creative thinkers and doers. Like anyplace, Taos has its problems, but lack of creativity is certainly not one of them....more
When can I come stay?! more