Vanessa Loder

 I've dedicated my life to support others who are dissatisfied with some... read more


Vanessa Loder


 I've dedicated my life to support others who are dissatisfied with some aspects of their lives to find more passion, happiness and love.

I decided that kind of life was unacceptable to me and realized that I needed to make a change. I started off by hiring a coach to work one-on-one with me to start looking at all the “stuff” that was holding me back. I was inspired by this work and decided I needed to go deeper so I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on workshops and retreats and I read hundreds of self-help books. I studied with some of the most gifted healers and coaches in the entire country and learned their techniques. 

Since making a big commitment to change, I'm proud to say that I’ve found my way through the other side of my own misery and have completely transformed my life. I’m passionate and excited about my work, feel healthy and fit, am in a great committed relationship and feel like I’m alive for the first time! 

Now I'm inspired to help other women who are feeling lost and unfulfilled either by their work, their relationships or other aspects of their life and who are ready to make a big commitment to change. That is why I’ve created The Powerful Woman Connection, which offers a 6 Week Program and 5 Day In Person Luxury Retreat as well as daylong workshops and speaking engagements for women who are ready to break through the old barriers that have been holding them back and step into their authentic power.

Company Overview
Akoya, Powerful Woman Connection

I teach these high achieving women how to find work that they love that is deeply fulfilling so that they wake up energized and excited to go to work in the morning. Getting in touch with their true purpose allows these women to feel happier and more content with their lives while making a deeper impact in the world.
One way to step into your power is to find work you love. The Akoya Powerful Woman Connection is dedicated to supporting high achieving women who feel lost, disconnected and unfulfilled by their job find work that energizes and excites them so they can experience more joy and happiness in their lives.