Turn Your unwanted earings into bracelets

Hi loves, So my mom gave me a pair of (very big) hoop earingsfor Christmas.  They were beautiful but they were huge....more

Morning Routine

Usually in the morning i'll wake up around 6:00 am to get my 4 yr old ready for school and myself(if i work) blah blah blah! When i come home after dropping off my daughter my husband is in the process of getting ready and i make coffee for him and we spend some time chatting until he leaves. When he leaves...IT'S MY TIME! My time to check my emails, fb, youtube, and etc! I am not the "I eat breakfast every morning girl" i actually don't even eat a full breakfast. I just eat cereal, bread, or just drink a cup of juice!...more

How I Keep My Hair Looking Healthy

Keeping My Hair Looking healthy ITS HAIR TIME! I use Arga...more