The Best Communication Advice Ever

 Most discussions on communication center around speaking. We learn about what we want to say, who we want to say it to, how we want to say it, and if we are even more aware, we actually think about what our intention is in saying it! We often prepare for a speech, a conversation or a meeting where we need to present ideas and information. But how often do you “prepare” to listen?...more

Want A Better Sex Life? Stop Having Sex!

 Editor's Note: The thought of not having "sex" to improve my sex life made me cross my eyes at first, but then, Dr. Marty Klein's advice all made sense! If we let go of our expectations of what is supposed to happen and of what real sex is supposed to be, and focus more on enjoying every second as it comes, we might just end up having the best sex we've ever had. - Feminista Jones ...more

Got sex? Does your relationship need erotic recovery?

I was just going over the notes from my interview with Dr....more

3 Tips for Having That Avoided Conversation

Okay....So I’m talking to this woman I met yesterday who is telling me about what a great marriage she has, and I ask her, “What is your biggest relationship challenge?”  (You can see now why people don’t invite me over for dinner….!) So she tells me, “Well I’m afraid to bring up uncomfortable subjects.” “How long have you been married?”  “30 years.” “OK”, I say.  “So how “hot” is your relationship?  How much “juiciness” is there after 30 years?”  “You mean sex?” “Yes, sex.” We haven’t had sex in 10 years! ...more

Love the One Your With: Part Deux

I was at the Conference on Intimacy and Infidelity in Irvine recently.  I had a chance to talk with John Gottman who is famous for his research on marriage.  One of John and Julie Gottman’s wonderful findings, was that couples who report a ratio of 5 to 1: 5 things that they appreciate about their partner for every 1 complaint that they have, report having a happy marriage!  As that ratio gets closer to the 50/50 mark, people report being dissatisfied in their marriage.  I love statistics like this because they give us a bearing.  Think about your own internal and e...more

Love the One You’re With or Are You Having a “K-Mart Relationship?”

 Love the One You’re With or Are You Having a “K-Mart Relationship?”I was re-listening to Arielle Ford’s interview on the Lifetime Love Affair Summit ( about “How to Wabi Sabi Your Relationship”, based on her new book, Wabi Sabi Love.  For those of you who missed it, Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese art of seeing the perfection in the imperfect.   ...more