Adult Children of Mom Bloggers Support Group

“And there were only thirty-two comments. I mean, did she not love me enough to promote my post further? My sister’s post? The one I mentioned last week? About the diaper accident? One-hundred-seventy-four. And it was picked up by the Huffington Post. Was my lisp not good enough? Was I not good enough?” ...more
Funny, but thought-provoking all at the same time.  Lesson learned: Don't vent about my son all ... more

How Blogging Affects the Behaviour of My Family and Friends

DeBie Hive has learned there are a lot of hidden benefits and drawbacks to blogging, many of which change the behaviour of the people around her. Some of it is for the best, such as her son who modifies what he's doing in order to not have this actions hit the screen.  Other times, it makes things a little awkward, such as when people start acting differently once they find out that she blogs. ...more
@Pretty Noire  Good point! I also change the names of my friends and family in my blog posts.  ... more