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Wendy Sykes



About Wendy:

It all started with an ugly old brown buffet in the gutter around the corner from my house. It kind of feels like that's the best place to start my story. The day that I found that old piece of furniture and decided I was going to fix it up and make it pretty again was the day that everything began to change. Kind of like a spell in a fairy tale but not nearly as fast or romantic. I had passed by that old buffet a couple of times in the days prior to bringing it home and it kind of just called to me. I was working in the customer service call center industry at that time and I must say I was not the happiest person around, actually I was downright miserable. So I came home after work that day and had to convince my husband and son to head over there and help me load it into the car. They complained, said it was old and ugly but they helped me anyway. It was certainly not the first old piece of furniture I had rescued from the dump and it sure won't be the last. After about a month of spending my little bit of free time sanding and painting and changing out the hardware it was complete. But what I found at the end of this wonderful process was so much more that a beautiful Tiffany Blue Buffet. I finally found me. Not long after I finished the Tiffany Blue Buffet, I lost my job. The day they let me go at work was, I have to admit, one of the scariest and most wonderful days of my life. It was also the same day I started my business facebook page, signed up to sell at our local Antique Faire and ordered my business cards for Wendy's Junknthetrunk.

Now I am proud and happy to say, I have started my own business selling my Re-Vamped Vintage and Re-Cycled furniture and collectibles. I am a Mama to two amazing boys and I have one of the most supportive husbands and Mother in laws there ever was. Every day I spend doing the things I love most, caring for my wonderful family and creating beauty out of the things that people throw away and get rid of. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure its really not a fairy tale.

So I hope you will join me from time to time, check out some of the projects I'm working on, family stories and other thoughts that come along that may inspire you like I have been inspired.


Thank you so much for visiting, Wendy