Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years. We lived in the same town during the first two years we dated. But then we both got great job offers (yay!). However the jobs are in different towns -- 4 hours apart. We used to be 5 minutes from each other. So now we're doing the long distance thing....more
This kind of test will hopefully prove whether your relationship has what it takes to last. I'm ... more

Why Are We Afraid To Talk Before Sex?

Editor's Note: I cannot overstate the importance of having candid conversations about sexual health prior to having sex with a new partner. Even if you've been with someone before, you ought to periodically ask relevant questions to keep abreast of any risks to your own health. It's YOUR body and YOUR responsibility. Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun!! - Feminista Jones ...more
For those people coming back on the dating scene maybe post divorce or having been in a long ... more

When Temptation Calls, Do You Answer?

A few months ago, I saw an advertisement for Tyler Perry's newest movie, Temptation, and was intrigued. I'm by no means what one might call a Tyler Perry fan; I've openly criticized his portrayal of women in most of his movies and the plays upon which they are based. I find his tendency to portray women as emotionally unstable and in perpetual need of salvation either by their religious faith or by a Prince Charming-type annoying. ...more
I used to see this kind of issue so simply but after reading many stories submitted to our ... more

Is Blogging Affecting Your Relationship?

At what point does something you love -- a hobby, a creative outlet, an escape from the perils of the real world, your fostered friendships (albeit virtual) -- at what point does it become toxic? And you know it in your gut well before it festers into a head. You know it because it's the first thing you do in the morning. No longer do you turn to face your husband. ...more
After being on the receiving end of his type of situation for several years with my husband ... more

Dating on Speed: The Modern Romance Race

Our inboxes, calendar and birth control of choice might be able to keep up with the needs of our expanding romantic lives but can our minds and hearts?    I have thirty-one thousand, three hundred and fifty two unread messages and they are coming in fast. Just a few years ago who would have thought that, just in order to keep up with life, everyone would need a smartphone, 24/7 access to their emails and a constant hook into their favourite social media networks. ...more
I actually feel rather sorry for the new generation with the pressures of social media and ... more

Welcome To My Sexless World

I love sex, but I am not having it, and you can be sure that it is difficult. I'll be frank: It SUCKS. Yet, my decision has not changed, and I am seven months into my sexless lifestyle. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly make my dating life easy. In fact, it's nearly nonexistent. I'm a senior in college and I could probably count on one hand how many guys here would actually be involved in ANYTHING close to a relationship with a girl with whom they won't be having sex. What makes it even worse is that college is looking more and more like Noah's Ark, except I'm completely mateless. ...more
Quite honestly I don't think I went without sex for more than a few days at that age so am ... more

What's the Deal With "Steak And Blow Job Day"?

When I first heard about "Steak and Blow Job Day," I cracked up laughing. My husband of seven months insisted that this "holiday," celebrated on March 14, was a day for men to be treated special. He said that I had to cook him a steak and give him a blow job to show him my appreciation. Since these were two things I did regularly, I shrugged him off; what made March 14th any different? He then asked, "Well don't you want extra special things on Valentine's Day? Don't I get you flowers all the time?" I had to admit that he had a point, so I humored him and looked online for more information because I wasn't convinced he wasn't pulling my chain. ...more
Too funny! I love this idea. If you know how to give a really great blow job then it is a ... more

Can a Long-Term Marriage Have Both Love and Desire?

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor I was recently on a short flight from Toronto to Chicago, and sat beside a gentleman from France. I normally have casual chats with the person sitting beside me -- they either end as quickly as they start, or we find a common interest and talk the whole flight. This chance encounter was different. I do need to preface this post with the fact the I have been happily married to the same man for almost 27 years....more
I really enjoyed this! How very true that we all need to feel desired and occasionally by ... more

Music, Texting, Emojis, and Decapitated Ducks

Just a couple of days after I wrote my latest installment in the bathroom flooding fallout, we were eating a nice, peaceful breakfast when Ali calmly observed,“Huh. Look at the ceiling - there’s new water up there.”...more
I've been trying to figure these little pictures out and now, thanks to you, I can do it!! Love ... more

She Wore Red

It often lay there, at the bottom of the special little pocket in Her purse, buried beneath the less cheeky colors. She shied away from this particular color, it always made too much of a statement. The other colors dressed her in subtlety - no flash, nothing to draw and unseen. ...more
Just loved this! What all of our lips have seen and said... Keep painting them red if that's ... more