Jacqueline Raposo


I write about chefs, I cook food for money and I battle a chronic illness. Yep. That's me.

 Since the age of 12 I’ve lived with Lyme Disease, and it has shaped my relationship with food since the day I saw my first nutritionist, who gently guided my body into healing itself. I use food as medicine, yoga and meditation as magic, and honest self-reflection to keep my life in balance and my illness at bay. I am aware of what I put into my body but do not “diet”, as food is my friend.  Life’s all about the balance, folks.

I love food. I don’t see my allergies as banners to be waved around. I dislike trends. I respect chefs. I speak politely with servers.

Because of all this, my work is about words, and food, and art.

I live in NYC by the Hudson River with my dog, Mitra (who has a horrible addiction to prosciutto and sheep cheese, bless her tiny heart) and many pieces of cooking equipment of formidable weight. And I write for some very cool people about things that make me happy.