Call to Moms: Make an Effort with Your Appearance

I love everything about being a mom except the lack of time I have for myself! There have been countless books, stories, blogs, etc. in regards to this topic, but I want to share all the little details that most of us mommies don't discuss. Like the other day, I went shopping for some quick groceries for dinner and didn't take enough time to look in the mirror. Had I done so, I would have realized that I had finger paint in my hair and on my face....more
too true!...I need a tune up myself, this is good advice, there's always a little more pep in ... more

Lost Child at the Beach

A month or two after we started trying to conceive, Josh and I found a lost child at the beach. It was late afternoon though the beach was still crowded. A little boy came right up to our blanket, screaming, "mommy!", startled when he saw my face, and continued to run. A man was tentatively jogging behind the child and I asked if he knew the boy and when he said no, I instinctively jumped up too and started following too. ...more
Hey those safety tattoos can be found at more