Im Stacie, 34, African-American woman, living in Houston. Divorced. BSM in business management. I am earning a Masters in New Media Journalism.  Blogger, book reviewer. I love to read, write, find free stuff online. I also love to listen to music.

Mother of two special needs kids, 13 and 3 old boys. My oldest is Autistic and ADHD. My youngest has a global development delay and autistic. He also has a heart condition.

 Product and Book reviewer. I also started doing book tours, giveaways, and blogger promotions (helping other bloggers promote their giveaways). I also do paid campaigns. 

Published short stories and poetry (Chocolate Kisses, Love.Lust.Life, Conversing with Normality, Conversing with Salvation, Miscarried, Conversing with Sexuality, Conversations 1, and Conversations 2., Never Argue with an Autistic Child and Other Special Tales)

 I am also a blogger for Perfect Chaos and Celibacy Diaries.